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Withdrawal of Employee Provident Fund (EPF) Amount is against the rules. But in case emergency, you employee withdraw the amount from their PF account when employee switched job and don’t want to transfer his/her Employee Provident Fund (EPF) account.

There is the list EPF Withdrawal Forms and details of their uses is given below.

  1. EPF Claim forms
  2. Return
  3. Registration forms
  4. EPF Linked schemes like Insurance, Family Pension etc.
  • EPF Form 13: when you leave the job, EPF Form 13 is used to transfer your Provident Fund (PF) account from your previous employer to the new employer.
  • EPF Form 14: If you want to apply for Life insurance Policy from your Provident Fund (PF) amount, EPF Form 14 used to finance the PF Fund amount.
  • EPF Form 19: If you are leaving you job OR taking retirement, You can use the EPF Form 19 to withdraw you Provident Fund amount.
  • EPF Form 10-C: If you want the settlement of withdrawal benefit either new Employees Pension Scheme EPS 95OR under old Family Pension Fund (FPF), You can use the EPF Form 10-C along with Form 19/20. If you are less than 58 years, you can also use EPF Form 10-C for an issuance of Scheme certificate for the retention of membership.
  • PF Form 10-D: This form is used to get the pension either by you or by your nominee after your death. If nominee filing the form for Pension, a valid Form-2 (Nomination Form) is also required to get the pension.
  • EPF Form 20: This form is used to get the amount of Provident Fund by nominee/Family member after your death. If nominee filing the form for Provident fund amount, A valid death certificate and Form 2 is also required with the Form 20.
  • EPF Form 31: This is the Advance form, used for taking Advance, Loan, or withdrawal from PF amount for various reasons like the medical problem, buying a house, marriage etc. A declaration certificate also required along with Form 31.
  • EPF Form 5 (I.F.): This Form is used by the nominee for the withdrawal EPF amount/dues of the deceased member, who died while in doing the service.
  • Advance Stamped Receipt Form :If your want to claim the returned cheque issued by EPF India from your EPF account for various reasons. You can use the ASR (Advance Stamped Receipt) Form.

You can download EPF withdrawal / Claims Forms from

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Why You Should Not Withdraw PF Amount Early

The above list of forms can use by the EPF member/Nominee to withdraw funds from EPF Account, But Withdrawal of EPF funds early is not good. There are several reasons why you should not withdraw you PF amount until you need it badly.

  • The employee gets the high rate of interest (8.75% per annum) on PF amount.
  • PF amount is useful after the retirement for the stress-free life of the employee.
  • If you withdraw PF amount after 05 years of opening the account, the interest earned will be tax-free. But if you withdraw the PF amount within 05 years of opening the account, you have to pay tax on the interest earned.
  • If you switched your job, You can easily transfer you PF account. So you don’t need to withdraw the PF amount.