You Should Know About EPFO’s UAN 2.0

10 things you should know about EPFO’s UAN 2.0

The Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) is in the process of implementing the next version of Universal Account Number (UAN). The latest version of UAN being worked on would involve generation and linking of UAN of members in its various employments and its integration with next version of Electronic challan-cum-return (ECR) and PradhanMantriRojgarProtsahanYojana (PMRPY) scheme.

The UAN programme was initiated in 2014 to allot a single unique number to members which would be used for employees’ provident fund (EPF) purposes for all employments.

Salient features of next version of UAN 2.0:

  • UAN would be the key field in Electronic Challan cum Return (ECR).
  • For first-time members joining the Employees’ Provident Fund, UAN would be obtained by the employer or member prior to filing of ECR by the employer for that member.
  • The employer would furnish the member’s details on the basis of KYC documents i.e. Aadhaar, PAN, Bank Account etc. to avoid future issues about member’s name, name of father/spouse, date of birth etc.
  • The generation/linking would be mandatory for the employer to include new members in the ECR.
  • The generation/linking of UAN can be done through an online functionality on UAN portal.
  • Thereafter, the employer may start remitting dues through ECR for the linked UAN.
  • For a member who was earlier a member of EPF prior to joining the present establishment, the linking of the existing UAN of the member should necessarily be done by the employer before filing of UAN based ECR.
  • The members details as available in the provided UAN ie name of member, date of birth, father’s/husband’s name would be used in the ECR of the present employment.
  • The new system will help avoid discrepancies or issues relating to member’s name, name of father/spouse, date of birth etc.
  • The UAN would be allotted upfront on the portal and would be revalidated in the ECR file of the employer at the time of its submission.